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One thing I get asked time and time again is “how do I create a calming and nurturing nursery/bedroom for my little one”. This is where any of Young by Design artworks come into their own.

Here’s a very quick three-step process on how to create the cosiest, neutral and calming space for your little one.

The colours used in Young by Design paintings and nursery prints are all muted and soft tones to help give you a starting point on how to style your little one’s room to create a tranquil space to promote sleep and snuggles, what every new parent wants right?!

Step One: Choose a size and how many pieces you’re wanting. Ask yourself if you want a larger single focal point that stands proud on its own or would you prefer multiple artworks lining a wall above the length of the bed/cot. Would you like a series group together to help fill and balance a large blank wall?

Step Two: Once you’ve decided on the artwork(s), now it’s all about colour choice. Pull colours and tones from the painting(s) you’ve chosen for small accents around the room. Think decorative items like cot mobiles, throws, pillows, toys, etc. As for the larger items in the room like a cot, nursing chair or canopy, they take up the most space, so go neutral and clean tones. Think white, warm greys (the trick is finding a warm grey – this helps promote a really cozy vibe and warmth, rather than a cool grey. If you’re unsure about the different between the two, warm grey is more earthy, a hint of creamy brown. Cool grey is icier and has a blue undertone. It is equally beautiful but can be a little trickier to create a warm cozy vibe) and of course soft beige tones.

Step Three: Textures. Try not to over do it here. But a fluffy throw or rug, tassels on a canopy, or even a plant can really help pull the room together. Please be aware that some plants are toxic so do your homework or better yet get a fake one, no watering... win!!

Hints and Tips:  Don’t over clutter the space with brightly coloured toys or sensory items. This is an oasis for you and bubs to unwind, snuggle, re-set and sleep. After all, the rest of your house will be filled with brightly coloured sensory toys, so having that one space that you both can feel like you can breathe in, is so important.

If you still feel a little baffled by styling a nursery of child’s room, let the gorgeous and unique artworks do all the talking and keep the rest of the room as minimal clean and neutral tones.


Young By Design Print: Winter Land Families Collection – ‘The Reindeer Family’


A: CMC Gold – Pebbles white/gold felt ball mobile

B: Tutu Irresistable – Canopy - Baby’s breath

C: Mocka Australia – Aspen Cot White Neutral

D: Jellycat – Moose teddy

E: Aldi – Rocking Chair

F: Adairs – Fyn White Throw

G: Minkee Mink Fabrics – Dusty Dots Pattern Fabric

H: Endota Spa – Mini Ceramic Mood Light

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