We all have busy lives. That's the simple fact of todays modern society where everything is instant. However, sometimes, the constant rush can make us forget to take moments for ourselves, to just sit and take a calming breath. 


When I first became a new Mum, I was overwhelmed with the constant pressure of this new role that was 24/7. So, after the advice of my midwife, I started to paint, and what poured out of me was calming, nurturing and neutral artworks that I could hang in my little boys nursery (the birth of the Sleepy Woodlands Collection). 


Without even realising it, I was creating a safe space for my boy and I to retreat to, a place where I could cradle him in my arms, sitting in the rocking chair, and taking a breath for the both of us. 


Fast forward 3 years and after loads of encouragement from family and friends, I am offering you the same artworks that bought me so much peace and reminded me to just simply breathe.


Now also with the edition of Calming Landscapes added to the web store, not only will children's rooms be filled with neutral calming reminders, but also the rest of the home too, so we can all have a safe space to retreat to, to take a moment for ourselves, and to sit and take a calming breath.



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