Why I Paint What I Do

I am a Boy Mum simply trying to find a calm balance in a hectic world of never-ending laundry, bottomless tummies and invisible mess makers. My art is the reminder to take moments to myself, pick my battles and above all, give me the clarity of loving my boys over the small stressful stuff that really don’t matter.

The soft and gentle tones of watercolour take me to a quiet and gentle place, a pocket of peace. Whether I am painting landscapes of serene misty mornings or cozy animals snuggled up together, they warm the soul like a comforting embrace. I am completely inspired by the way being in nature makes me feel. I can think clearly and breathe again, and with a home full of brightly coloured toys littering the floor of every room, the earthy muted green hues balance my chaotic world with clarity and stillness.

I paint in a realistic manner to make you feel like you are standing right there in the field. I want you to feel the crisp air on your face and smell that damp earthy goodness or feel like you can reach out and touch the cozy softness of the fur on my animals.

Ultimately my work is about creating a sense of deep inner peace and giving you back the permission to take a moment for yourself when we so often give our all to our littlest loves, even if it is just for a short moment to remember to stop and take a few deep breathes to find the balance between calm still moments amidst the chaos of parenting.

Cosy and Soul Nurturing Artworks


A Bit of a Background...

Growing up as an only child, I spend a lot of my time hidden away in my bedroom quietly drawing away. I have always loved being creative, but the society pressures of being an artist wasn’t the smartest career path, led me to tuck that yearning away.

I have always been told that I am an old soul and nurturer. Whether that is because growing up without siblings with only my loving parents around me has shaped this in me I don’t know, but I knew I would make a great Mum with these qualities in me.

In 2018, my wish to become a Mum came true with the arrival of our little boy. But was devasted to realise that I was not the fantastic Mum I thought I would be. I was completely overwhelmed with never having a moment to myself, not even to pee. I spent every moment cleaning, washing, cooking and caring for a baby that was not soothed by my arms. I was miserable and was very quickly diagnosed with Post Natal Depression.

Upon the advice of my beautiful mid-wife to take time for me a little bit each day and forget the idea of having the immaculate house with dinner laid on the table at 6pm sharp, I turned back to my art and taught myself how to paint with watercolour. Watercolour was the perfect medium, it’s soft tones and the fact that I could set up and pack up so quickly was exactly what I was needing. Yes, my house was now a little messier, but my happiness was coming back and so was my bond with my little man.

In 2019 we welcomed our second little boy and this time I was mentally prepared for the messy beautiful life of being a new parent and retreated to my paintings the moment I could feel the stress building up on me.

As the boys have grown from babies to wild and happy children, I have realized my poor little house (and also my quiet only-child upbringing) is too small for their loud and boisterous play, so we retreat to nature often so they can play and be free without constraints. It’s while we are in the forests or Australian outback that I feel completely at ease and like I can breathe again, balancing my chaotic world of being a boy Mum. There is no social pressure to be a perfectly behaved family in perfectly clean and ironed clothes. There’s just us with wind in our hair and laughter in our lungs.

It is such a pleasure to be able to merge the two things that brings me the most inner peace and happiness, my art and my love for the outdoors and being able to share these bits of calming moments and comfort with others while making a career out of it.

That’s a little bit about my life and why I create what I do today.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

With smiles and kindness, Jay Xo

About Melbourne artist, Jay Young